Starting late February, 2018, VCSS will be participating in a study to evaluate the Canine Osteosarcoma Vaccine, Live Listeria Vector (COV-LLV), a USDA conditionally licensed product for dogs with osteosarcoma who have undergone amputation and chemotherapy. For participation, your dog must meet certain eligibility requirements which will be determined and discussed during a consultation. Eligibility will be confirmed by reviewing your dog’s medical history, performing a physical exam, taking thoracic radiographs, and submitting routine blood and urine testing. All dogs enrolled in the study will be treated with the immunotherapy, meaning there is no placebo group.

“Data from a clinical study in 18 client-owned dogs with osteosarcoma suggests that the immunotherapy may be able to delay or prevent metastatic disease and may prolong overall survival in dogs with osteosarcoma. The single-arm study evaluated dogs that had primary tumor removal and four doses of carboplatin chemotherapy, followed by the therapeutic vaccine every three weeks for three doses. Median survival time was 956 days compared to 423 days for a historical control group (p<0.05). A separate field safety study submitted to USDA for conditional licensure demonstrated that the most common adverse events included lethargy, diarrhea and fever. Four serious adverse events were observed.” – Aratana Therapeutics

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