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PhaSeal® System

Veterinary Cancer & Surgery Specialists hold patient safety in the highest regard. To ensure the best quality of care, VCSS utilizes the PhaSeal® System for all chemotherapy treatments.

PhaSeal® System

The PhaSeal® System is the premier closed-system drug transfer device available on the market today. It consists of multiple adaptors that work in conjunction with the syringe and catheter required to administer chemotherapy.

PhaSeal® System Benefits

  • Contains harmful chemotherapy aerosols (airborne vapors), protecting the patient and staff from unnecessary exposure to hazardous materials.
  • Eliminates environmental contaminant transfer. The system prevents bacteria from entering the chemotherapy administration process, preserving a sterile setting and reducing the risk of infection.

Studies have documented widespread, low-level distribution of chemotherapy particulates during the administration process. These contaminate the area where the drugs are handled and administered, making those locations hazardous and very difficult to clean up.

Closed-system drug transfer devices like the PhaSeal® System are used to contain these dangerous particulates and prevent contamination. PhaSeal® is the only scientifically proven system to contain chemotherapy drugs and reduce environmental contamination successfully. These claims have been tested in high-precision laboratory settings and in normal use through medical clinics and hospitals. All leading veterinary oncologists use this system exclusively.

For more information, ask your VCSS oncology specialist.

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