The Surgery team at Veterinary Cancer & Surgery Specialists is proud to provide exceptional client and patient care, with compassion and an extraordinarily high level of attention to the individual dogs and cats we treat. We are dedicated to pet owner education, and to helping make the often daunting decisions about surgery and recovery for your pet as comfortable as possible. We are pleased to offer consultation and surgery for a variety of soft tissue, oncologic and orthopedic surgical problems in cats and dogs. We work closely with the primary care veterinarian to provide optimal care when specialized diagnostics and/or surgical procedures are required. We collaborate closely with our Oncology team to provide surgical care for patients with cancer when surgery is part of a recommended treatment plan. We also collaborate with other local veterinary specialists, including radiologists, internists, neurologists and surgeons as needed. State-of-the-art technology, including digital radiography, arthroscopy, and advanced anesthesia and pain management services ensure comprehensive diagnostic and treatment options.

Our certified technicians share extensive training and experience in specialized surgical nursing, and in advanced anesthesia and pain management. They receive continuing education to maintain our services at the highest level, and are involved with all aspects of your pet’s care from the initial consultation, to recovery and post-operative follow-up.