Meet Oliver!

Favorite Snack: Hot dogs when he visits Teresa and Dr. Freeman!

Favorite Past Time: UFC fighting with his brother Rawley and watching out the window for squirrels, crows and kitties.

Favorite Place to take a Car Ride: Oliver hates car rides, and if he knows one is coming up he hides, but if he does have to go, he likes to visit grandma in Eugene.

Special Moments: Every day that he’s healthy. When he tucks his head down and leans into you for you to pet him. He likes to give delicate little kisses – for no reason at all.

Favorite Place to Sleep: Either behind your neck on the back of the sofa or on the bench strategically placed for dogs under the front window.

Things he doesn’t like: Car rides, the vacuum cleaner, baths, water in general, remote controls (very scary), mushrooms.

Living life, fighting lymphoma!