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Nivia was born on July 22, 2009. She was raised to be a guide dog for the blind by a family in Idaho. When she was 1 year old she went back to the facility in Boring Oregon to go through the rest of the training. She couldn’t stay focused on her duties so they put her up for adoption. We already had a yellow lab named Bentley. Since Ron had retired and was home all the time. We decided to adopt another dog. We filled out the application for adopting a career change guide dog. We adopted Nivia on July 19, 2010. She fell in love with Bentley (aka Mr. B). They were inseperatable. They did everything together. We did a lot of fishing and hunting and they always went with us. We had so much fun.

Bentley passed away in 2012 from complications with his epilepsy.

No other dog could take Bentleys place with Nivia so we never got another dog.

In 2013 Nivia got a tumor on her right back leg down by the foot. Our local vet removed it, thinking it was only a fatty tissue tumor. Boy was he wrong! It came back with a vengeance. Thank the lord we found the best cancer surgeon ever. Dr. John Wooldridge. We went to his clinic and he told us she had an aggressive cancerous tumor and needed the leg amputated. She had her back leg amputated on June 18, 2013. She pulled through and was a great patient.

Guide Dogs for the Blind teamed up with Dove Lewis hospital and created a therapy dog program called Portland Area Canine Therapy Teams. PACCT. We were contacted and asked if we would like to be a part of this team. Nivia and I went through training and on March 29, 2014 we were a Certified Therapy Dog Team. We visited facilities with children who had behavioral problems. We attended many functions promoting the therapy dog teams. We visited on a monthly basis the Parry Center for Children and the Kerr Center. The kids would love to see her and they would kiss and pet her through the whole visit. She brought the good out in everyone she saw.

Nivia had another bout with cancer and this time it was on the side of rib cage. And again Dr. Woodridge removed it on October 10, 2019. Things looked good after this. She recovered great.

Moving to March of 2020. Nivia started to loose consciousness if she did anything stressfull as running or getting excited. We were so worried and took her to our regular vet who after ultrasounds and x-rays and blood work said she had a tumor in her heart valve that would block off her blood supply when it pumped to hard. Nothing could be done. We were devastated and spent the rest of her days taking care of her until the end on May 8, 2020.

We cannot thank the people at Veterinary Cancer and Surgery Specialists enough for all that each and everyone of you have done for Nivia and our family. She loved you all and would just to bezerk when we pulled into your parking lot for a visit. You have all become a part of our family

You gave us many more years with our girl than we would have had.

Thank you for the great medical care for Nivia and for being great friends with us.

– Ron & Carol L.