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Emmy was a fourth generation Trillium Golden. We spent decades cultivating a bloodline that produces golden retrievers who are gentle, beautiful and smart, and are so sad that Emmy is the last in that bloodline.

Just after Christmas 2019, we discovered a lump on the back of her tongue. It turned out to be melanoma, but through the compassion, grace and expertise of Dr. Perry and the staff at VCSS we got many more months with her than could reasonably be expected, 14 months in total. Although it seems she survived the original diagnosis, we were not able to keep it from metastasizing.

She was an absolutely wonderful companion and loved everything about being a sporting dog. She loved swimming and hiking, laying in the sun and rolling in the grass, chasing balls and playing with her doggy friends at the park. She and her dam, Keeper were the original “Adventurers” traveling everywhere with us in our RV. At almost 14, we said goodbye to Keeper and Minnie became the new “baby” of the family. Although Emmy never had puppies, she took to Minnie right away and they became inseparable and constant companions.

For all the challenges that Covid has brought to our lives, it allowed us to spend so much quality time with Emmy and she became the center of our lives after her original diagnosis as we were hyper-focused on how to provide the highest quality of life for the longest period of time. We proceeded to check off her bucket list and spent the summer at a friend’s house on the Pend Orielle River in Idaho. If there is a doggy heaven, surely it is this place. Emmy and all our dogs over the past 30 years, have been going there since they were puppies.

While it is never enough time, we are grateful for the almost 10 years with her. There are no words to express just how much she meant to us. RIP sweet girl, until we meet again.

– Rose C.