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We loved you dearly, Cora. You were such a wonderful companion. You loved going on hikes just as much as you loved lounging on the couch next to us. You were Queen of the blankets and loved to be snuggled in, even tucking your head under the blankets. After your Osteosarcoma diagnosis and subsequent amputation at the age of nearly 7 years, I was pleased with how you quickly adapted to life on 3 legs. After all, amputating a leg is so terrifying, especially a foreleg! Once you were fully healed, though, you were back at ’em and loved walks through our neighborhood and hikes at a nearby trail. Chasing squirrels up trees and getting animated at their chatter up above was one of your favorite things. You would even talk back by barking and whining. I’m sure the squirrels are a big factor in why you loved our hikes so much! The 7 months we had with you post diagnosis were filled with love and we cherished every moment with you. I’m sorry the treatment wasn’t enough. Seems like cancer can completely disregard all the thought and devotion to fighting it off, and that’s been a tough lesson to learn. We all miss you so much. Aubin and River, too. You had a calming presence that helped balance everyone out. Love you with all our hearts, sweet Cora Bug.

– Marissa B.