Dr. Kim Freeman, DACVIM Oncology

If your dog has lymphoma it can be overwhelming not just to face the diagnosis but to then make a decision about treatment. It can help to talk to your partner, family or friends, but sometimes you just need to listen to your inner voice. I helped write a website about lymphoma that I think is helpful in explaining the disease and treatment options available. http://www.caninelymphoma.com/

As time goes by and new options become available for treatment, I anticipate the success of patients to improve. Along those lines, VCSS is currently participating in a clinical trial for dogs with lymphoma in cooperation with Aratana Therapeutics. It is a very well funded trial. If you are interested in learning more about it just give us a call.
If you have a dog diagnosed with lymphoma, consider the option of a clinical trial. Aratana Therapeutics is enrolling patients now for two nationwide studies to evaluate its investigational therapy for canine lymphoma. These studies explore therapies that use the dog’s own immune system in treatment. For more information, please visit: