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Does your dog have lymphoma?

Dr. Kim Freeman, DACVIM Oncology If your dog has lymphoma it can be overwhelming not just to face the diagnosis but to then make a decision about treatment. It can help to talk to your partner, family or friends, but sometimes you just need to listen to your inner voice. I helped write a website […]

Happy is really happy!

Dr. Kim Freeman, DACVIM Oncology I just got good news! The surgeon was able to remove the whole tumor that was growing on Happy’s neck. Happy is a super cute and appropriately named 6 year old miniature Schnauzer. We didn’t think it would be possible to remove the tumor and had prepared for the worst […]

‘Tis the season: a note of gratitude to my patients and their owners

Dr. Kim Freeman, DACVIM Oncology When I first decided to become a veterinarian, I did it because of a love of science. I love genetics and cellular biology, physiology and disease processes. As a vet student, I had the opportunity to work in a tumor biology lab killing cancer in tiny little test tubes. While […]

How long does my dog/ cat have to live?

By Dr. Alison Book, DACVIM Oncology This is the question pet owners are most likely to ask, and often the most important questions are the most difficult to answer. This question is no exception. As pet owners and veterinarians, we understand how important it is to you to know how long you can expect your […]

But what would YOU do for your dog? One veterinarian’s perspective:

Dr. Kim Freeman, DACVIM Oncology When pet owners come in and we discuss treatment options for their dog or cat, I often get asked the question: what would you do if your dog had cancer? Because this choice is so personal and involves so many different factors, I don’t like answering this question directly. I […]

Can cancer in dogs and cats be detected by a blood test?

By Dr. Alison Book, DACVIM Oncology This is a great question that is commonly asked by our clients. The answer isn’t as easy as a simple “yes” or “no.” Simply put, blood tests are a piece of the puzzle, but in most cases, they don’t tell the whole story. For many types of cancer in […]

Is there hospice for dogs and cats?

Dr. Kim Freeman, DACVIM Oncology I came across a quote once that began, “In our dogs, we see ourselves…” I believe that it’s true and often most true, when they grow old and become ill. Their accelerated lives are frightful reminders that one day, you and I will grow old. Maybe we will die of […]

Do Golden Retrievers get cancer?

Dr. Kim Freeman, DACVIM Oncology Who doesn’t love a Golden Retriever? Their soft, shiny coat and big goofy smiles always bring a smile to my face. They are so happy and loving! But, did you know that about 60% of Goldens get cancer? This is higher than the average risk for cancer in the entire […]