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Ruby was a rescue from the humane society. My wife had Ruby before we met and at the time the poor girl was very afraid of men. Thankfully for me, Ruby was trusting with my presence. With that being said, as my wife and I progressed our relationship, we grew together as a family. In the first six months of engagement, my wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor and it to this day dont know how we made it thus far. However, as we reflect, our naturally sympathetic dogther(no mis-spelling) was there to provide comfort and love. As a recovering alcoholic, she also provided support and kept me moving in the right direction. She never did let us know when she was hurt because she knew we would hurt. Truly remarkable and forever flexible with the addition to our family in 2015, Ruby never once acted jealous or bothered. A quick learner, she knew up to I think 12 commands and it took me all but 1hr to teach her to bark as she was almost scared to disturb anyone. It seems silly but eventually my wife was a stay at home mom and liked the idea of the protective reassuring bark while I was at work. Or even at night when she wanted to protect her home. She never did learn how to drink water from her bowl properly. She was every persons friend and a fly on the wall when she recognized the situation. We lost our best friend.

This may be a jumbled mess but we are thankful for the time spent with our beloved Pup.

– Sascha and Rebecca F.