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Kyra came home to us in 2009 after I was trying to get some alone time from our other dog, Kitsune, and her dad so I could study for finals. They went to a PetsMart where a mobile adoption was being held and that’s where Kyra entered our lives. After a phone call and a short drive, I was able to meet the best dog in the world. We walked both dogs around the shop and within half an hour, I was filling out the adoption paperwork and writing a check!

What we didn’t know about Kyra, was she got car sick. So needless to say, the drive home was eventful! Kyra grew out of that about a year later, which was beneficial because in 2010 we moved from Kansas City, MO to Portland, OR.

Kyra had such a big personality and loud bark for such a little girl! Any time Kyra heard a doorbell, she would bark up a storm! (And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss it.) Even if we came home after work, Kyra would bark and run to the door awkwardly because she was wiggling her whole body in excitement!

Late May 2020 Kyra was diagnosis with a nasopharyngeal tumor. Kitsune was already a patient of Dr. Perry’s so it was an easy choice to know who would provide the best care for Kyra. We tried a couple of different oral chemotherapies, an injection therapy, and even went to Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital to see if she would be a candidate for radiation. Unfortunately, the battle was lost and on October 2, 2020 we said goodbye to our beautiful girl.

It was the hardest, but most reliving day of our lives. It hurt to say to goodbye, but we were giving her a gift to be pain free. We miss her every day.

12 and half years wasn’t enough time with our Kyra, but how lucky were we to have something that made saying goodbye so hard?

Love you Kyra Bears.

– Lauran H.