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Jerry (Garcia or Lewis depending on the day) joined our family in 2008. Jerry & Sophie (our German Shepherd/Lab Mix) attended the same doggie daycare, Jerry came home with her one night after his family was trying to find him a new home & became part of our family from that day on.
Jerry was the bestest BFF we could have ever hoped for Sophie. Through family moves, camping & beach trips, new jobs, Sophie’s amputation a few years ago, Jerry was always up for an adventure!

In March of 2020 while brushing Jerry, we found that his neck lymph nodes were very pronounced when they had not been a few days prior. We immediately got him into our vet and were fortunate enough to secure an appointment with Dr. Freeman a few days after. Fortunately due to Sophie having had a cancer diagnosis and amputation with Dr. Wooldridge prior we knew who to contact asap and we began Jerry’s chemo that same appointment day. The lymphoma was angry and seemed to be undaunted by any of the four different chemo avenues we tried. While fighting cancer, Jerry was given the position as Police K9 Chief for a day for the Tigard Police Department. As a family we took an amazing last weekend trip to Lincoln City and enjoyed making more bucket list memories until we said our last goodbye on June 26th in our backyard lying in the sun with a belly full of hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and french fries.

We miss him every day.

Jerry never met a human, a cat, or another dog he didn’t want to play with. His joyful spirit, beautiful smile, goofy demeanor, and love of adventure has left a hole in our lives.

We know that our time with our kids is limited and at thirteen years old Jerry lived the best life we could have offered him and there is comfort in knowing that.

We are grateful for everyone at VCCS who even though they couldn’t hug as as usual due to covid made us feel like we all mattered and that Jerry was getting the best care possible.

– Heather C.