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Dexter Elton Hoffmann 3/28/11 – 3/18/2020. Dexter came to us in August 2011 after his first home didn’t work out. We like to think that he just belonged with us all along. He was a complex boy, an alpha at heart determined to protect us from everything in the world (including every other dog that would walk by….across the street), but at the sane time the most easygoing dog in the world. He loved summer days rolling around in the grass and playing fetch until our arms were sore. He had an endless tankful of energy. When we would go running, when we were finished and I was about to pass out, he just gave a look of “oh, are we going to run or what?” He lost his front leg in November 2019, and it knocked his spirits down for a bit, but after a few days, he was determined not to let it ruin him, and he learned to get around just fine on 3 legs. He got to the point where he refused to use the ramp we got him for the stairs to the backyard. It wasn’t fair that he didn’t even get 9 years here, but he lived each and everyday to the fullest.

– Matt H.