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Chester was our best boy! He was 10 years old in the Spring of 2019 when we had to make the decision that it was time for him to go to heaven. He was able to pass at home where he was comfortable and surrounded by everyone he loved.

Chester was the first dog that we got after about 15 years without a dog. We had to leave some dogs in California when we moved and my dad never agreed to get another. We think it hurt too much loving and then having to say goodbye. My mom finally had a enough and decided it was time and got Chester without my dads ok. My dad was mad at first but the moment he held Chester it was love at first sight. Chester became the son he never had.

Chester brought a joy back into our lives that we hadn’t known was missing. He was faithful, strong and cared for his family so deeply. He was the center of our family and the best big brother to Barnaby who joined us two years after Chester.

Chester will be forever missed but is remembered daily whenever we look in the backyard at the maple tree growing where we buried his ashes.

Chester we miss you but we know that we will see you again in heaven where you are chasing rabbits and eating all the cheese you can have. Love you best boy!

– Katie D.