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Bloo joined our family almost 12 and a half years ago. He was born March 22, 2008 . Originally named Bert, it became his middle name: Blooregard Bert, Bloo Bert for short. He was the sweetest, silliest puppy, and also very lazy. When trying to take him on walks, he used to lay in the grass and refuse to get up. His ears were so long he would trip on them and when it would thunderstorm at night, he would crawl up on my pillow and fall asleep.

He was a once in a lifetime dog. The sweetest, most gentle boy that gave so much love and snuggles. He’s lived in 3 different states. He did everything he could to be pet as much as possible and if you even looked at him, he would roll on his back expecting belly rubs. He loved lounging and sleeping second most, preferably under a blanket, in the crook of someone’s legs, or snuggled up in bed with his head on our pillows. He loved pasta, popcorn, and sweet potatoes, and bossing around his dog brother, Bruce. He loved to mosey around the park smelling all the smells he could. He was the boof master, hoping around and boofing when he was excited, and he used to run as fast as he could up and down the halls. And every time our 2 year old daughter, Indy, napped, he waited for me to come downstairs so we could snuggle on the couch.

He smelled like snuggles and comfort and had the softest, floppiest ears. We’ll miss the velvety patch right under his nose or the rolls of skin that make him look like he was melting into the floor. Or the spot on the middle of his head that we always kissed. We’ll always remember his squishy big bear paws and how he used them to make you pet the spots on his chest that he wanted. We’ll miss the feel of spooning him in bed or the way he laid at our feet. We’ll never forget the silly sneeze he used to do when he wanted something or his puppy dog eyes.

He was the best brother to Bruce and Indy. He and Bruce loved to play and snuggle all the time. Bloo kept Bruce in his place, which is funny as Bruce is a highly energetic and bossy dog. Bloo taught Indy how to be a gentle and loving sister. She was his biggest fan, always wanting to pet him and give him treats. He was always so patient and loving with her. It even became part of her bedtime routine to sit in our bed with him, read him a book, and give him a hug and a kiss. She asks for it every night. We wish our second daughter, due Nov 2020, had the same chance to know him.

We spent his last day feeding him pumpkin donuts and giving him all the pets and kisses possible. Bloo took his final nap September 29, 2020 at 5:25 PM in a peaceful garden after eating some chicken, while we held him tight. It was a warm, sunny evening as the sun began to set. He fell asleep doing two of the things he loved the most: getting rubs and basking in the sun on a comfy bed. He’ll always be apart of us and our family and we will forever miss him.

– Brooke G.