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Abby was a very special doggie. She was our precious family member for close to 14 years old, pretty good for an English Setter. Some would say, and we agree, that she was almost human in her emotions and affection. She seemed to pick up every nuance in our relationship. – and she was always there to comfort, even my 90 year old dad. As he would sit on our couch, she promptly took her place closely snuggled next to him. Just petting her was a wonderful feeling of warm and love. She was an amazing upland Bird Hunting dog, -as our photos show. She also loved to ride in the truck with Darwin everyday! – and would snuggle next to him on the car seat – we will miss that snuggling! She joins her furry sister Delta (also an English Setter), and Rocky her Dachshund pal. She leaves behind our sweet 5 year old English Setter Thor – who has taken her place next to us on the couch for lots of love and play.

– Darwin and Annie F.